About Republicans Abroad Norway

Republicans Abroad Norway (RAN) is an independent advocacy organization established in 1979 to represent Americans living overseas.

RAN’s mission is to promote the interests of American voters residing in Norway. We aim to address and discuss policy, current events, and how such developments might relate to our communities and friends in Norway and beyond.

There is no single “Republican” point of view. Our organization therefore represents many unique and diverse perspectives Republicans hold. Through reasoned and informed dialogue, we advocate for minimal government, constitutionalism, freedom of the individual, thus upholding the core principles of the Republican Party.

As a service and advocacy organization, one of our most important objectives is to assist fellow citizens residing in Norway with voting in U.S. elections. Voters can find all the tools they need to participate in elections using RAN’s Voter Resource Center.

Become a member to stay up to date with our events, activities, and when we’re advocating in the public sphere. RAN organizes political programs and social gatherings to network and communicate with members and others interested in the U.S. political process.